Five Years in a Forgotten Land: A Burmese Notebook

"“Each essay in Five Years in a Forgotten Land has its own special interest and eloquence. When read together as a single report or narrative, the essays have a different impact—they reveal not only a keen observer capable of reconstructing the quaint and, at times, exotic but also a lively intelligence that is quick to note contradictions, the absurdities and the possible sources of the political upheavals that were to transpire in Burma. … the book is a vivid reconstruction of a country on the edge of dramatic social change.” —Petronilo BN. Daroy

In this collection of essays, acclaimed fictionist, critic, and pioneer of creative nonfiction Cristina Pantoja Hidalgo reminisces about the years she spent as a teacher and diplomat’s wife in Rangoon, creating a keen and eloquent account of the sights, sounds, and incidents of her Burmese days."

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Cristina Pantajo Hidalgo
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